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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Enslaved Island

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As an American both of whose parents were born in Cuba, I take special interest in news reports about the ongoing tragedy 90 miles from Florida. That tragedy is unequivocal. A former classmate of mine recently returned from a cultural exchange visit to the island with a university musical group. What he found was a Havana collapsing on itself with severe and blatant poverty on display. Here is an excerpt from a recent news report about how the Catholic Church is serving as an outlet for free expression in this sadly imprisoned island, full of so much economic and cultural potential and full of so many exuberant individuals brimming with life:

Church dioceses around the world have publications and newsletters, of course, often engaging with the pressing topics of the day. But in Cuba, where the newsprint and airwaves are the sole dominion of the state, church-run magazines have become a critical forum for debates on the country’s earthly problems — its faltering economic model, or the deep political divisions between Miami and Havana.
The most important venue to emerge in recent years is the magazine and website Espacio Laical (Secular Space). Each issue typically contains several items of spiritual and other ecclesiastical interest, but most of its pages are increasingly devoted to economic, social and political topics.

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Blogger Yoani Sánchez
To find out what daily life in Cuba is like today, you can probably do no better than to visit the island's most famous blogger, a very courageous young woman named Yoani Sánchez. Here is a link to her blog in English. The blog is called "Generation Y" because of the custom of giving children of her generation first names starting with the letter "Y," apparently because of the Russian influence on the island at that time.

Here is a link to a N.Y. Times article on Sánchez that appeared in today's edition of the Times.

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