By Oswald Sobrino, J.D.; M.A. (Econ.); M.A. (Theo.); M.L. (Master of Latin), doctoral student, University of Florida.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guest Blog Submission From the Philippines

“Relájate, Escucha, Admira” [“RELAX, LISTEN, ADMIRE”]

1. Walk 10-30 minutes daily. Smile while walking.

2. Enter into intimate prayer before your God, at least 10 mins. daily. Enclose yourself, if needed.

3. Listen to good music daily. It is genuine nourishment for the spirit.

4. On waking up in the morning, say the following: ‘God: Thanks for this new day.’

5. Live with the 3 E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy.

6. Play more games than you played last year.

7. Smile more than you did last year.

8. Look up to Heaven at least once a day; realize the majesty of the world around you.

9. Dream more while you’re awake.

10. Take in more food that grows on trees and plants, and less of those manufactured in plants or those that require more sacrifice.

11. Eat berries and nuts. Take green tea, lots of water, and a cup of wine each day (be sure to make a toast with it, for the many beautiful things there are in your life, and if possible, do it with the one you love.)

12. Try to make at least 3 people laugh each day.

13. Take away the disorder in your house, your car or your worktable, and let new energy flow into your life.

14. Don’t waste your time on gossip, things of the past, negative thoughts, or things outside of your control. Better to invest your energy in what is positive in the present.

15. Realize that life is a school, and that you’re there to learn. Problems are lessons that come and go; what you learn from them is for life.

16. Have a king’s breakfast, a prince’s lunch, and a pauper’s dinner.

17. Smile and laugh more.

18. Don’t let any opportunity pass to embrace someone you esteem.

19. Life is too short for wasting time hating somebody.

20. Don’t take yourself too seriously; nobody does, anyway.

21. You don’t have to win every debate. Accept that you’re not in agreement, and learn from the other person.

22. Be at peace with your past; thus, you won’t ruin the present.

23. Don’t compare your life with that of the others. You don’t have any idea what path they’ve traveled in life.

24. Nobody’s responsible for your happiness except yourself.

25. Remember that you don’t have any control over what happens, but yes, over what you do with it.

26. Learn something new each day.

27. What others think of you is none of your business.

28. Help others always. What you sow today, you shall reap tomorrow.

29. It doesn’t matter whether the situation’s bad or good: it will change.

30. Your work won’t mind you when you fall ill. Your friends will. Keep in touch with them.

31. Throw away whatever is not useful or nice or funny.

32. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

33. The best is yet to come.

34. It doesn’t matter how you feel: just get up, dress up, and go (be there).

35. Love always with the fullness of your being.

36. Call your family & relatives frequently and send them mail. Tell them: Hey! I’m thinking of you!

37. Every night before you sleep, give thanks to God for another day He’s given you.

38. Think that you’re too blessed to be stressed.

39. Enjoy the trip. You’ve got only one chance: make the most out of it.

40. Please send this message to the persons who matter to you.